Back to School Tips for Girls

Nervous about going back to school? Don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal. Most kids (including me and your parents) were nervous on their first day of school.

What to do?

1)    Remember what you like about school. Here’s what other kids have to say:

2)    Worried that you won’t get along with your new teacher. Here’s some tips:

3)    Starting out at a new school? Starting middle school or junior high? Listen to what Kate has to say:

4)    Worried about all that homework? I mean, who likes doing homework anyway? Check out these tips for success:

5)    Need some help with all of that homework? Check this website out for some great information:

Stayed Tuned: Next Week’s Topic will be on School Lunches and Snacks

For More Information on This Week’s Topic, go to:

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