Back to School for Girls – Part 2

I’m So Hungry!

It’s 3:15. You just got home from school and you’re so hungry you could eat a horse. What to do? First, make sure you had a healthy lunch ( Second, have a snack!

Your parents may do just fine on 3 meals a day, but you need to eat more often. After all, going to school all day takes a lot of energy, especially if you’re running too.

Most kids get hungry around 3:00pm – right at the end of the school day – and dinner may not be for a few more hours. Yikes! That’s a lot time to go with a rumbly tummy. So it’s a great time to have an afternoon snack. Just make sure not to eat so much that you spoil your dinner.

What should you have?

Check out these websites for lunch and snack ideas:

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