Make Talking to Your Daughter a Priority

Hi Sweetie, How Was Your Day?

Between work, school, extracurricular activities, and getting all of your errands run, it can be difficult to find the time to just sit down and talk with your daughter about her day. But this is something that should be a priority. Although it may not seem like it all the time, as a parent, you of all people have the most influence in helping your daughter make positive choices. And your daughter wants to tell you about her day. In fact, 78% of middle school students say they want to spend more time talking with their parents.

So how do you do this? Perhaps the easiest way is over dinner. Or breakfast. Or a bedtime snack. Mealtime is a great time for one-on-one face time with your daughter. Just make sure you’re really listening to her. Settle in and focus on your daughter. No cell phones, iPads, laptops, TVs, etc. allowed. Really listen to what she has to stay. You might be surprised!

Need tips on what kinds of questions you should be asking? Take a peek at these helpful websites:

Stayed tuned for next week’s topic: Positive Self-Talk

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