Nutrition 101 for Parents

Nutrition 101 for Parents

This week in GOTR, we’re talking about nutrition. If you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to start getting your daughter involved in meal preparation. Your daughter will learn most of her nutrition habits from you, so it’s never too early to start talking to her about how to build a healthy diet.

The easiest way to start for most families is at the dinner table. Family meals are a crucial part of any healthy family – and a great place to talk about what’s on your plate. Why? Research suggests that when a family sits down to eat together to a meal they’ve prepared, that meal tends to be a lot more nutritious that what you might grab at the drive thru. In addition, because kids start to learn at a very young age the what, when, where, and how of eating habits from their parents, when parents emphasize a healthy diet, kids tend to eat more healthy foods when they’re not at home. Finally, as kids get older, these family dinners can make a lasting impact on their future health as adults.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, that sounds great, but I don’t have time to cook.” Sure you do! All it takes is a little planning, knowing what to buy at the grocery store, and knowing some quick, easy recipes that are healthy and will have your dinner on the table faster than your kid can change out of her running clothes!

My personal tip: I do my shopping on Saturdays and then cook for the week on Sundays. A few hours out of my weekend saves me a lot of time and energy during the week.

Stayed tuned for next week’s topic: Inner Beauty: Let Your Inner Light Shine

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