Girls: Help! My Parents are Stressed out!

Help! My Parents are Stressed Out!

You may notice something weird around the holidays. Your parents, who normally have everything together, suddenly get really stressed out. They may even get grumpy and make you feel like you should be stressed out too.

The key to getting through this is to try not to be affected by it.  How can you do this? Don’t stress! ADAPT.

A – Accept that your parents are probably going to be more stressed out than usual this holiday season. That’s okay. It’s not your fault. If you feel them getting stressed out you could ask them what’s wrong. If it’s getting to you, you could go to your room and read a book or something that you find relaxing.

D – Don’t add to your parents’ stress level. A lot of times kids see the holidays as a time to ask their parents for everything they ever wanted. But that only adds to your parents’ stress. Instead of thinking about what you want, can you think about what you really and truly need? It’s probably not nearly as long of a list. Ask for what you need this holiday season instead of what you want.

A – Acknowledge your feelings. If you are feeling stressed out, that’s okay. Talk to your friends about it. You may find out that they are going through the same things as you are right now. Talking to someone about your feelings can really help you sort through them.

P – Practice positive thinking. Be grateful for what you already have. Tell someone “thank you” when they do something nice for you. Know that everything will work out okay.

T – Talk to your parents. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help. Maybe you can help your mom out by offering to decorate cookies or rake up leaves or set the table. Just knowing that you are willing to pitch in can help everyone stay calmer during the holiday season.

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