Girls: 5 Tips on Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

5 Tips on Staying Healthy during the Holiday Season

Did you know that kids usually get sick 7 to 10 times per year? Yikes! As the cold weather sets in, a lot of people find themselves with a cold or the flu. So how do you stay healthy this time of year?

1)     De-stress – you are more likely to get sick when you are stressed out. Here’s some cool ways to de-stress:

2)     Try not to eat a lot more than you normally do as this can lead to an upset stomach – I know those cookies are really good, so just listen to your body and when it says it’s full, stop eating J

3)     Make sure you drink a lot of water – sometimes we get dehydrated in winter because we think we don’t need as much water as we do when it’s hot outside. While that can be true, you still need to make sure you are getting your 8 cups a day!

4)     Wash your hands – keep those germs at bay by keeping your hands clean and away from your face. Why? Check this out for the answer:

5)     Try to avoid the sick kid who sits next to you in class – a lot of colds and flus are airborne – meaning that when people sneeze on us, we can inhale the virus and get sick. Yuck! So stay away from people you are sick, especially if they have a fever.

Need more advice? Check out these cool websites:

We’ll be off-line until the New Year. But stayed tuned for when we get back: What’s a Solemate?

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