Parents: How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

How to Keep Yourself and Your Kids Healthy this Holiday Season

Tis the season … for colds and flus. You’ve got tons to do to get ready for the holiday season. Make sure you and your family don’t get sidelined with these simple tips:

1)     De-stress – as we’ve talked about before, stress makes us sick. So make sure you take some time for you this holiday season. I know, I know, “But I don’t have time.” Unfortunately you’ll have even less time if you get sick. An apple and day …. Take 10 minutes a day to meditate, go for walks a few times a week, watch a funny movie – whatever it takes – just make sure to carve out some you time in your busy day

2)     Plan ahead – make sure you know how to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu ( and know some simple steps for treating it should someone in your family get waylaid (

3)     Make sure you eat healthy and exercise – I know those holiday cookies are tempting, but in addition to contributing to holiday weight gain, the typical holiday treats aren’t exactly packed with nutrients. Feel free to indulge – just make sure you’ve had your veggies first

4)     Wash your hands and make sure your kids are doing it too – put a sticky note by the bathroom sink or in the kitchen if you have to, but hand washing helps keep those germs at bay, which is critical this time of year. If your hands get too dry, consider using hand sanitizer instead – the non-alcohol varieties won’t dry your hands out. You can buy small bottles for the car or your purse.

5)      Stay hydrated – I know, it’s cold outside and a cool glass of water may not sound that appetizing. That’s okay. Drink hot tea, warm milk, whatever you like that it mostly water and will keep you hydrated (no eggnog doesn’t count – alcohol is dehydrating).

Need some more advice? Check out these websites:

We’ll be off-line until the New Year. But stayed tuned for when we get back: What’s a Solemate?

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