Hey Girls! Feb 6th is Your Day!

Did you know that Feb 6th is National Girls & Women in Sports Day? It’s a day when girls all across the country get out there and celebrate by moving their bodies.

I know, I know, but it’s cold outside! That’s okay. Here are some great ways you can still be active and stay indoors.

1)      Get together with some of your friends and crate an indoor obstacle course in your school’s gym

2)      Play a game of follow the leader – the leader comes up with dance crazy moves that keeps everyone active and having fun

3)      Play a video game that requires movement – like Wii Fit or Dance, Dance Revolution

4)      Rearrange or clean out your room

5)      Jump rope or roller blade in doors – just make sure it’s okay with your parents first!

6)      Hide fun things all over your house and invite friends over for a scavenger or treasure hunt

Whatever you do, just move and have fun!

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