How to Choose a Good Running Shoe

If there’s one thing that all runners seem to agree on it’s that you need the right shoe. Why? Ill-fitting shoes can cause black toenails, blisters, and shin splints galore. Ill-fitting shoes can stop your running career in its tracks (pun intended). Yes, shoes can be pricey, but just because they cost more doesn’t mean they are better shoes. That being said, don’t go to Kmart to pick up a pair of running shoes.

If you have never run before or never trained seriously for a race, you need an expert’s opinion. And you can’t just read shoe reviews or buy the shoe your favorite celebrity wears to find the “right” shoe because which shoe is the “right” shoe is hotly debated in the running community (Do I go barefoot? Use a minimal shoe? Get one with maximum padding?). The truth is that it depends on you and your foot. No one shoe is perfect for every runner and you may have to try several pairs on until you find the right one. Hint: don’t pick the cutest shoe on the internet and order it. It may turn into your worst nightmare.

Here’s what you should do. In Boise, we are blessed with numerous running stores filled with qualified personnel that are waiting to help you out. You can get your gait analyzed, see whether you over-pronate, under-pronate, have a heel strike or a mid-foot strike (if you have no idea what any of those terms mean, that’s all the more reason to go visit your local running store).

Want to learn more about getting the right shoe? Check these out:

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