Must Have Running Gear

Last week we talked about the shoes. While that is certainly the most important part of your running gear, if you visit your local running store you’ll find all kinds of cool stuff from running dresses to reflective belts. But what do you actually need?

1)      Good running shoes – see last week’s blog

2)      Good running socks – this is one place where cheap cotton socks just won’t do. If you are running any sort of distance, you’ll want a good quality running sock that will help wick away sweat so you can avoid blisters and keep on running. Not sure where to start? Here a good review:

3)      Water – it’s important to stay hydrated as your distance and the temperatures ramp up. It’s up to you whether you want to carry a water bottle or get a hydration pack. Just make sure you take water with you if you are going to be running for longer than 60 min in cold weather or 30 min in hot weather.

4)      Good running shirts ( and shorts/pants ( – like cotton socks, running in cotton gear can chafe you and cause rashes and blisters to form. Nobody wants that. This, by the way, includes a good sports bra for all of you ladies out there (

5)      A hat ( and sunscreen – especially if you’re going to be out there for awhile

And don’t forget to dress appropriately for the temperature at the start and finish of your run – It might surprise you what some people wear (or don’t wear) when it’s obviously the wrong time of year for that particular piece of apparel. So make sure you dress for the weather:

Still want more info? Check out these helpful websites:

See you at our Saturday run!

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