Spalding Elementary



We had 16 girls return to GOTR this season after participating in the past – sure made the name game a lot easier on everyone! There were 3 new girls who also joined us, one from Pepper Ridge and two from Spalding, one of whom is the younger sister of another participant. We had balmy 40-degree weather for our first meeting, but the girls were troopers and we sat, teeth chattering, in a circle until each girl had the chance to go around the circle and say the other girls’ names. A couple of favorite adjectives: Powerful (Peyton), Extreme (Emily), Glorious (Grace), Enchanting (Ella), and Imaginative (Izzy). We only had about 10 minutes for the girls to actually run laps, but from the get-go, it appears we have a motivated group of girls this season. They couldn’t wait to get running.

Not one girl who was there on Tuesday missed Thursday – LOVE when the girls feel good about the program from day 1 and come back for more! The GOTR cord is always a favorite for the girls, and they all relished the opportunity to throw the ‘icky’ cord as far away as possible and plug into the colorful, sparkly cord. It made them feel ‘happy, silly, proud, excited, and confident.’ We all really enjoyed GOTR Motor – great opportunity for the girls to be silly, and I feel like it actually energized them for the rest of the day and for running their laps. We had about 30 minutes of running – quite a bit this early in the season – and the girls were ROCK STARS. They hopped, skipped, jumped, marched, danced, and ‘rodeo’d’ their way through with no complaints.

One of the bigger challenges was when we went around the circle and everyone had to say something that made her beautiful. It was hard for girls to grasp the concept of a beautiful spirit (we had a lot of ‘I’m good at soccer,’ or ‘I’m good at math’), and none of them wanted to say something that made them physically beautiful. That said, there were several notable comments: I am honest, I am trustworthy, I am a good friend, I help others, and I stand up for what I believe in. I am going to suggest that we do this activity on a regular basis throughout the season, and maybe even require the girls to say something that makes them physically beautiful at least once. To me, this exercise gets right to the heart of the GOTR program: recognizing and acknowledging that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Bring on the rest of the season!

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