What Will I Be Learning in Girls on the Run?

Hi Girls!

We are so glad that you’ve enrolled in Girls on the Run (GOTR). Are you curious to know what we’ll be learning? Yes, we’ll spend a little bit of each day walking and/or running, but that’s not all we do at GOTR. That’s why Girls on the Run is So Much Fun!

While each day at GOTR will be a little different, here’s what you can expect:

1)      Each day will start with us talking about something important in your lives. It might be gossiping or magazines or how to eat healthy. We’ll ask girls to share about what’s going on in their lives if they want to. But if you’re super shy, that’s okay, you can just listen. It’s non-scary, I promise! And if you have a question about something, ask us! That’s what we’re here for.

2)      Then we’ll move on to a fun game to get us moving and help us warm up for our workout – it might be a game of tag or we might say funny things and run away super-fast!

3)      Next comes our workout! We’ll walk, run, hop, skip, or do cartwheels to our destination. It might be a few times around the school yard or running from one tree to the next. Who knows what we’ll do!

4)      Finally, we’ll end with some reflections on our day. If we haven’t already we might stretch or have a snack. Then we’ll talk about what we’ll be doing at the next lesson.

Things to remember:

1)      Bring your shoes and socks and appropriate gear for being outside

2)      Bring a water bottle

3)      Bring a snack – yes, we’ll have snacks every day, but if you get hungry after school, you might want to bring an apple or banana.

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