What Does It Mean to Be a Girl on the Run?

Here at Girls on the Run, we value our girls and want them to achieve any goal they set out in life.

At Girls on the Run-Treasure Valley, we believe:

  1. that every girl is strong, powerful and beautiful
  2. there are no limits to what a girl with confidence can achieve
  3. that every girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her goals and dreams
  4. that every girl is a winner
  5. that confident girls change their communities
  6. today’s healthy, happy girl becomes tomorrow’s strong, confident woman
  7. that every girl can benefit from GOTR


We are also teaching the girls that being a Girl on the Run means so much more than just signing up for the season. To be a true Girl on the Run means that are:

1)      Are kind and respectful to everyone you meet

2)      Are grateful for everything you have

3)      Are honest – no one gets ahead when you lie

4)      Try your hardest – no one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can give it our all!

5)      Live outside the “Girl Box”

6)      Look for the positive in every situation

7)      Remain tobacco and drug-free

8)      Stay open-minded

9)      Stand up for what you believe in – this means standing up for yourself because Girls on the Run believe in themselves!

10)  Don’t gossip or bully and stand up for those who are being gossiped about or bullied


We’ll be sending home sheets that outline our GOTR values and what it means to be a Girl on the Run soon. We encourage you to post them on the refrigerator or somewhere that whole family will see them and be able to reflect on them.

We appreciate your support!

How Can I Help GOTR?

Sign up to be a SoleMate: https://gotrboise.wordpress.com/solemates/

For our full wish list, please see: https://gotrboise.wordpress.com/wish-list

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