Roosevelt Elementary Week Two


All Things Are Rosy @ Roosevelt

It seems that some top reasons to blog would be to share a hilarious story, share tips and tricks, spread your wealth of knowledge, or offer play-by-play for a mind-blowing life-altering event. While GOTR Roosevelt Elementary site is lacking in all of the above, that is just fine with us! I think it would make for a more entertaining blog entry to share our chaos. That maybe a site as large as ours would be full of ‘what not to dos’ and ‘definitely do not try this at home’ information. We have our moments, but in all honesty, things are pretty rosy at Roosevelt!

I’m not sure if it sounds as though I’m boasting about it, or if it just advertises how bananas (GOTR spirit award pun intended) our team of coaches are, but our site is the largest in the area at 25 girls. This group of girls is about half new and half from previous seasons. The coaches are all seasoned (all 4+1 of us) and we have a system and routine that works well for our experience.

Yes, we coaches ARE learning as we go. We do things we question and we visit about what to change for next time.  We laugh about how the name game took 45 minutes and that we could not possibly get that dang warm-up activity with the human tunnel to work right. But bottom line, we have girls that are a dream to work with and are patient with us and respectful of one another. They are sweet and honest and kind and silly. They are like this because THIS PROGRAM WORKS! We are seeing the girls that have returned from previous seasons SHARE what GOTR is all about with these new friends around them. They have excitement and love for GOTR and it is contagious! GOTR really is teaching these girls what it sets out to do and Roosevelt is a shining example of genuine GOTR spirit. In turn, these girls remind us why we love this program as coaches. Win-win!!

Ok, so maybe I am boasting. Sorry about that (I think we cover that whole ‘being humble and grateful’ thing in Lesson 7?). But really, I am boasting about GOTR, not our girls. It has done amazing things for our girls and coaches and we’re rolling into a stellar Spring Season!

(and can I just say that we are also super-grateful for Melissa Bixby and her team of GOTR board members & helpers? Superstars!)

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