What Should My Daughter Eat Before and After a Run?

Have you ever decided to take a road trip without checking how much gas you have in your car?  Most people usually fill up the gas tank for taking off on their journey, or at least know where the first fill-up station is on the map.  Just like a car, runners need fuel to sustain the body during exercise.  In addition to adequate hydration, pre- and post-exercise nutrition provides that much-needed fuel to keep a person going through a workout and to help in tissue recovery.

Carbohydrates are the ideal fuel for a runner.  Complex carbs, such as whole wheat bread, sustain a body in the long term.  Simple carbs, such as sugar, are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing you with quick energy.  Keep in mind that the duration of the workout will greatly affect your carbohydrate levels.  While your daughter likely won’t be running a marathon this season, she will be walking or running 30 min or so each day she comes to Girls on the Run. So it’s important that she has a snack to have before she runs.

Protein plays an important part in the body, especially with growth and repair. So after the run would be the perfect time for some protein in addition to some carbs.

At Girls on the Run, we provide your daughter with a lite snack every day either before or after practice. But as a coach, I know that my girls are always starving before, during, and after practice. So if you could pack your daughter an apple or other light snack to have either before or after practice, that will go a long way to helping her recover from her runs.

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Hey Parents! Want to Beat Coach Pete?

This Spring 2013 season, Girls on the Run has been invited to be a part of Boise State University’s Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk on April 13, 2013. 

What is Beat Coach Pete? 

Beat Coach Pete is a 3-mile (5K) race that starts in front of the Boise State Student Recreation Center on the campus of Boise State University, and finishes at Bronco Stadium near the famous Blue Turf!  Boise State head football coach, Chris Petersen runs in the event and for everybody who beats him to the finish line, he donates back to the scholarship fund at Boise State.

As an added bonus for Girls on the Run, we will be partnering with Boise State Athletics to have some of their competitive athletes join us as running buddies with our girls on the day of the race!

For more information, email us: melissa.bixby@girlsontherun.org

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