Lake Hazel Elementary Week Three


Amazing how the girls have grown in such little time.  We have a strong team of 16 girls with all completely different personalities, body types and self images.

We went from a quiet bunch of girls to every single one of them joining in the discussions.  The way their face lights up when they talk positive about themselves and others.

Of course we have a range of skill levels but even the faster, competitive girls slow down to encourage the slower ones.
The excitement they have when nominating for the spirit award and their reasons why are priceless.

I get so excited to be a part of the teaching team and teach the girls the amazing lessons each day.  I wish all the girls could make EVERY single practice so they don’t miss a lesson.

I see and hear their love for one another and the program at each practice.

This is the first year at our school.  We have some girls that have been in the program at other schools in the past and they have been wonderful help!

Thank you ‘Girls on the Run’ for touching so many girls.  I really wish all girls had a chance to do the program.

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