How to Talk to Your Daughter about Her Feelings

One of the things we encourage at Girls on the Run is honoring and expressing our emotions. I know when I was growing up, I was encouraged not to cry and to be a “good” girl – the implication being that “good girls don’t cry.”

But sometimes they do. We believe that expressing our emotions is important and a valuable skill to have. In upcoming lessons we’ll be talking to the girls about sharing their feelings and standing up for themselves. We want our girls to be able to tell someone to stop when something that person is doing is hurting our girls. We want to help them grow up to be strong, empowered women. And I’m sure you want the same things for your daughter.

But where do you start? If your family isn’t used to talking about their feelings, how do you open up that conversation?

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Hey Parents! Want to Beat Coach Pete?

This Spring 2013 season, Girls on the Run has been invited to be a part of Boise State University’s Beat Coach Pete Scholarship Run/Walk on April 13, 2013. 

What is Beat Coach Pete? 

Beat Coach Pete is a 3-mile (5K) race that starts in front of the Boise State Student Recreation Center on the campus of Boise State University, and finishes at Bronco Stadium near the famous Blue Turf!  Boise State head football coach, Chris Petersen runs in the event and for everybody who beats him to the finish line, he donates back to the scholarship fund at Boise State.

As an added bonus for Girls on the Run, we will be partnering with Boise State Athletics to have some of their competitive athletes join us as running buddies with our girls on the day of the race!

For more information, email us:

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