Boys and Girls Club Week 4

GOTR pic 1

The 13 girls we have at the Boys and Girls Club never cease to amaze their coaches with their enthusiasm and energy! This week was especially fun for our team. The girls really got into thinking about and writing down what they were grateful for on Monday. They are running more and more – some girls are able to do 12 laps in our running time!

On Wednesday we had a lot of fun writing down all the things that make our team “Girls on the Run beautiful!” Some of my favorites include:

People wait for friends
We never stop running
My team is unique
We keep ourselves healthy
Be who you want to be
We work as a team
I think it is friendship

The girls really embraced their uniqueness during this session, as they have all season. We love celebrating what makes us all special and different! For example, one of our girls is shy, but she’s been encouraged by her family and now at Girls on the Run to celebrate this characteristic! These girls are amazing. We can’t wait for the Hornet Run!

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