The Power of Positivity

There is power in positivity.

The idea of positivity is a key component for the girls in their lessons and is encouraged throughout all of their running, school, and lives with their family and friends. The girls learn that positive self talk is a way to encourage themselves, build their esteem, and achieve their goals. The girls build a love for themselves and transform their daily outlook by positive, encouraging thoughts and also by shutting down negative scripts at the same time. The girls are encouraged to say something positive about themselves everyday and even give themselves energy awards for seeing their positive attributes. This focus on positive self talk  allows the girls to use this as a power source as they are running, and you can too.

As a runner positive self talk is vital. There’s the saying, “It’s not your legs that are going to give out first, but your mind.” Pushing through the self doubting, negative thoughts that pop into your head when you are on your second, or third, or fourth mile, will help you make it to your goal. Creating a positive mantra for yourself will get you through those moments when it seems like your spirit to run that extra mile is going to give out. Your positive mantra will keep you focussed and propel you farther and faster.

When I first started running I was very out of shape. It was easy for me to create a negative script in my head about how hard it was, how my body couldn’t handle the run, and why I should just give up. I flipped this around however, I created my positive mantra. I would begin my run and as soon as I began to hear the negative self talk I would flip to my positive mantra. I would chant it to myself over and over again, and soon it helped me find a rhythm. If I focussed on my mantra I could keep going. Soon I could run for 5 minutes straight, 10, 20…I just kept going. Now, I enjoy running and can easily use it as a source of relaxation.

We encourage you to find your positive mantra as well. Think about what motivates you to run or what you love; focus on those things, and create your own positive outlook. In moments where you think you just can’t continue, think of the things that bring the most light to your day. Think about all the Girls on the Run that you are helping to support, they will push you farther.

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