You did it! Great job!

You’ve been training for 10 long weeks and the Hornet Run is over. You did it! Now what?


What comes next is the recovery stage.  This stage is really important too.  You just gave an amazing performance at the race and your body needs time to rest and repair itself.


Remember all the great stretches we’ve been doing after every run this season? Now is the time to do them. You’ll want to continue stretching after Hornet Run – a couple of times on Saturday and a few times on Sunday and Monday as well.  This will help keep you from getting sore if you really pushed yourself. Walking is another great thing you can do for the next few days. You want to keep moving without doing anything too hard.


Remember how we’ve talked about pacing yourself all season? Pacing your recovery is important too. Some people can run a race and then go out the next day and do it again. Some people need more time than that before they feel like running again. That’s okay. Remember to stop, breathe, listen to your body, and then decide what to do. The best thing you can do is to make sure you eat healthy foods, get your rest, and keep moving – even if it’s just walking.


See you next week!

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