Putting the U in Volunteering

Did you know that Girls on the Run is staffed almost entirely by volunteers? All the coaches, running buddies, and Board members do this because they believe that our girls should have a better life than we had. They want our girls to be empowered, confident, and have the knowledge they need to make healthy choices.

As part of our curriculum we want our girls to get the message that they too should “pay it forward.” This week we’ll be talking about how to get involved in the community, culminating in a community project. That’s where you come in. While your daughter may come home and ask for supplies to help make whatever art or craft her project may entail, we also need your support on a broader level. What can you do? Set an example by either volunteering yourself or letting your daughter know how important volunteering is.

Here are some things to consider when planning a volunteer activity:

1)      Find an activity you can do together – your child will probably be more excited about volunteering if the whole family there to help, plus it will be a great family bonding experience

2)      Consider your child’s likes and dislikes – volunteering at the zoo is probably not a great idea if your daughter is afraid of large animals

3)      Consider your child’s skill level – find an activity that is fun, but also a bit challenging – just not so much that your daughter gets frustrated and wants to quit

4)      Consider your time constraints – do you have an hour, 2 hours, a whole day? Find an opportunity that matches up with your schedule to ensure that the volunteer experience actually happens and doesn’t get pushed aside for lack of time

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