Wilson Elementary Week Eight

Hey All!

Here at Wilson we don’t get to see much, but we have learned how to make each lap interesting. There are days where we just run/jog/walk, skip, crab/bear crawl, walk/run backwards, and our favorite especially on the warmer days doing all of these through the sprinklers. Our service project this season was a clothing drive. We wrote down ten people each of us could ask to give us their old clothes that do not fit or they do not wear anymore. Hawk and KK will take them to places where they will be put to good use.

We also had the wonderful privilege of running the Hornet Run with our P.E. teacher Mr. Freeman. He wasn’t sure what he was in for when he saw the sea of pink, but he was a good sport and even took part in the group photos. Mr. Freeman was really enjoyable to run with and even tricked us into running faster by telling us KK was up ahead. This season has been great and we hope to have just a much fun next year!

The Girls from Wilson Elementary



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