Only 3 more Months until Girls on the Run Starts Again!

You want to know a secret? Your coaches love you! We think you are awesome and we are really going to miss you over the next 3 months. So much is happening in your life right now. The next time we see you, you’ll be in a different grade!

But we don’t want you to forget about us just because you’re getting older. We also don’t want you to forget what we talked about in Girls on the Run. So this summer when you think about us and how much we miss you, think about this. If we were there with you, we’d tell you to:

1)      Keep moving – run, walk, skip, hop – we don’t care, just stay active

2)      Don’t lose touch with your teammates – give them a call or even better see if they want to go for a run with you

3)      Stand up for what you believe in – remember to Stop, Breathe, and Listen before you Respond to someone who is doing something you don’t like

4)      Keep giving back – I bet doing that community project felt really good, huh? Keep it up!

5)      Be okay with who you are – Remember how we talked about the media and how they are always trying to get you to be different? You are perfect just the way you are – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That’s it! Stay true to the Girls on the Run values and you’ll stay true to yourself. Enjoy your time off from Girls on the Run. See you in the Fall!


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