5 Back to School Must Haves for GOTR girls

Hi Parents!

It’s that time of year again! What time, you ask? Back to school shopping time! While you’re buying all the notecards, backpacks, and markers, we here at Girls on the Run, have a few requests for the first day of GOTR.

5 Things Your Daughters Needs to Start the Season Off Right

1)      Appropriate footwear – your daughter is at the age where she’s growing like a weed! That means the shoes she wore last season may not fit anymore. Now is a great time to get her fitted for proper running shoes. Hit up one of the local running stores where she can get fitted by a professional.

2)      Appropriate clothing – those little skirts and dresses may look cute for school, but after school, she’s going to sweat! Make sure she has a few pair of shorts and some short-sleeved t-shirts so she’d dressed appropriately for her runs.

3)      Water bottle – the drinking fountain is pretty far away at some of our sites, so make sure she has a water bottle she can fill up before she comes to GOTR practice. Bonus points for writing her name on it in permanent marker!

4)      Head gear – it can be pretty hot out there in September. Please make sure she’s got a good ball cap to run in or something to put her hair up if it’s long so it doesn’t get in her face and bother her while she’s running.

5)      Sunscreen – while she may have applied sunscreen before she left for school, each sunscreen application only lasts 2 hours. So she’ll need to re-apply the minute the bell rings so she’s fully protected from the sun by the time GOTR practice starts.

6)      EXTRA CREDIT!!! Paperwork – please make sure she is signed up for GOTR by the first day and that she brings home her medical form and you get it back to her coach by the second day of practice.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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