3 Tips for Dealing with Back to School Jitters

The start of the school year is both exciting and nerve wracking. How do you help your daughter cope with her new school/grade/class?

1)      Make sure she’s getting enough sleep – when we get less than 7.5 hours per night, our stress hormones start to increase, making everything seem 10 times worse than it is. So make sure she’s on her school sleeping schedule as soon as possible!

2)      Make sure she’s eating right – make sure she gets a good breakfast before heading off to school as anxiety can seem worse when you’re blood sugar is low. Also make sure she’s eating 5 meals a day. Pack some snacks because it’s a long time between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.

3)      Make sure she’s exercising – exercise combats stress, so make sure she’d staying active – even on her non-GOTR days!


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