Welcome Back!

Hey Girls!

Welcome Back to another fun-filled season of Girls on the Run (GOTR, for short!). If you’ve never participated in GOTR before, here’s what you can expect on your first day.

1) Meet your coaches and your teammates! Every session will start with a “getting on board” segment to introduce you to that day’s lesson. On this first day, see how many of your coaches and teammates names you can remember between Day 1 and Day 2!

2) Warm-Up – after we talk about the lesson, we’ll do a few warm up activities to get you ready to walk or run. But don’t worry, this isn’t P.E. class, this is GOTR fun!

3) Workout – for a certain period of time each day you have GOTR, you’ll get a chance to walk, run, skip, hop, and play with your teammates and coaches. Most days this will involve some sort of game. But it is hot out, so make sure you are dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes. Bring lots of water. You’ll need it!

4) Stretching and wrap-up – this is cool down time where we stretch our muscles and talk about what we learned in GOTR that day.

Remember, if you have any questions, just ask one of your coaches!

Have a great first week of GOTR!

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