Plugging into the Positivity Cord

Psst. Hey girls! Have you ever had a friend who was really negative? Always saying bad things about themselves or other people? That can be a real downer.

This week in GOTR, we’re talking about being positive. A lot of the things we think about ourselves and others can be kind of negative and make us feel bad on the inside. It could be anything from thinking, “I can’t do anything right!” to a friend saying, “Look at her hair! It looks awful!” Either way that’s negative talk.

We want to replace those negative statements with positive ones. How? Every time you think something negative, make yourself stop and say something positive instead. So instead of saying, “I hate my hair,” say, “I love all the colors in my hair.” You can also try giving out complements to friends and family and just see what kind of positive energy you get back!

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