What Are We Doing in GOTR? Week 2 Reflection

As many of you may not have any direct contact with girls involved in the program you are raising money for, I thought I’d give you a snapshot into what the girls are doing this week.

This week in GOTR, we’re talking about positive self-talk. As we discuss the importance of positive self-talk with the girls this week, I urge you to stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a little positive self-talk. If you’ve never checked out Operational Beautiful (http://operationbeautiful.com/), I encourage you to start today with the sticky notes – both for yourself and for your loved ones. Why? You deserve a little positive self-talk in your life, and so do your loved ones. And for those of us that feel weird saying “I love you” to ourselves in the mirror, leaving sticky notes for our families is an easy way to get a little positive energy flowing our way too.

Don’t know where to start the conversation with yourself? Check out these tips:




Don’t know where to start with your children? Try these tips:







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