Longfellow Elementary – Fall Season 2013, Week 2

The following music video by Mindy Gledhill captures the joy, potential, and hopefulness we see in our seven third grade girls we are coaching at Longfellow.

In the beginning of the song she says “I’m gonna run right up this hill, summer sky or winter chill.”

We have had some crazy weather, including the heat and rain, and the sprinklers being turned on on the field during practice but our girls have totally rolled with it and just kept running and smiling. In fact it seems this just adds to the excitement of training and running for them.

“If I gotta take a break I will, but I’m gonna run right up this hill.”
This past week part of our lesson was about pacing. Our girls have done a great job of pacing themselves so that they can complete the whole workout.

The song goes on to say “Maybe I’m just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans.” Our girls at Longfellow may be young third graders but we see great big plans in their future!

IMG_0950 IMG_0956

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