What to Do When You Feel Blue

Everybody has a bad day now and then. It’s perfectly natural and normal. But sometimes it can feel really good to talk to someone about your bad day.

But how do you get started?

1)      Decide who you want to talk to – a friend, your mom, dad, teacher, sibling, school counselor, GOTR coach? Pick someone you feel really comfortable around.

2)      Pick a time and place – Let the person know you want to talk to them about something that’s bugging you and ask if there is a good time and place where you won’t be disturbed.

3)      Write it down – if you’re worried about what to say, try writing it down first. You can even take your notes when you go talk to someone if that makes you feel better.

4)      Try again – if that person doesn’t seem to understand what you’re trying to say, keep trying to explain things in a different way. Remember to use your feeling words.

5)      Know that it will get better – no bad day lasts forever. Tomorrow will be better!


Need some tips on talking to your parents or teachers? Check out these websites:






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