Fall is Here: Time to Change Your Running Gear!

Fall is officially here. Temperatures are getting cooler and there’s a chill in the air when you go on your morning runs. You’ll find soon enough that those running shorts and tank tops you came to rely on in the Summer just don’t cut it anymore.

Here are 7 must haves to transition your runs from Summer to Fall:

  • Jacket that blocks wind and rain – it gets breezy here in Idaho. As I write this, we’ve got 50mph winds forecast for this afternoon. Brrr! You need to protect your body from that kind of weather. Plus, around here, the weather can change at the drop of a hat, so a nice all-purpose wind- and rain-resistant jacket that you can fold up and put in your running pack is a Fall must have!
  • Long-sleeved technical T-shirt – you’re still going to sweat, but as it gets colder, that sweat can sometimes cool your body down too much if it stays on your skin. So invest in a long-sleeved technical T that will wick sweat and moisture away from your body.
  • Gloves – you may want to invest in 2 or 3 pair of different thicknesses. I have different gloves for cool, cold, and really cold weather. Some people’s hands get hot when they run and some get cold, so you may need to experiment with a few gloves to find just the right pair for different weather conditions.
  • A running hat or cap – and I don’t mean a ball cap – although that may work for your warmer runs. I’m talking about a hat that both wicks away moisture and covers your ears. If you don’t want to invest in a hat with ear flaps, then get a wide headband to layer over your hat to protect your ears. Trust me, as it gets colder you’ll want something covering your ears!
  • Good cold weather socks – Like hands, feet can be funny. Some people’s feet get really hot when they’re running and some get really cold. What you don’t want is sweaty feet as they tend to blister. So make sure you‘ve got high quality socks that wick away moisture and keep your feet warm, but not hot. Like gloves, you may need a few different pair of differing fabrics and thicknesses depending on how cold it is outside.
  • Yaktrax – if you plan to run when it’s slick out, invest in some Yaktrax. Trust me – I’ve slipped and fallen enough to know that these suckers can be life savers when the ground is wet and frozen.
  • Arm and/or leg warmers – if you tend to get hot on your runs, you may want to invest in arm and/or leg warmers. These keep you warm when it’s cold and you’re just starting out on your run, but are also easy to take off when you get hot. I have hot pink ones!

Regardless, wear layers, take water (yes, you need water even when it’s cold), and make sure you’ve got a good pair of running shoes (replace every 300-500 miles).

Here’s to a safe, happy running season this Fall!

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