Spalding Elementary – Fall 2013, Week 3

Lesson Two always makes a powerful impact on the girls, and it’s usually a favorite for the Coaches.  It’s the “Plugging into the Girls on the Run Cord” visualization lesson.  I think the girls always feel kinda special having to sit still, close their eyes, and follow the Coach along as she paints a vivid picture of unplugging the icky cord from the top of their heads, and replacing it with the sparkly, glittery Girls on the Run cord.

The sparkly cord theme seems to comes up throughout the rest of the season – in fact, in Lesson 4, (“Positive Self-Talk and Why I Choose It”) when our girls had to come-up with a funny sound to catch themselves whenever they use “negative self-talk,” our Spalding girls chose to yell, “ICKY CORD!  ICKY CORD!”

After the Lesson 2 visualization, we ask the girls “how does a girl who is plugged into the positive cord feel about herself”?  One of our new girls, (who is one of our brave girls that travels to Spalding from another school,) replied: “It feels like a butterfly flying through happiness!”  I don’t normally bring my cell phone out at GOTR, but I HAD to jot that one down!

Here are some of our girls “vogue-ing:” striking a pose that reflects how a Girls on the Run Girl feels when she’s plugged into the positive cord

Have a great season, Coaches!  Keep YOUR sparkly cords plugged in!





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