Running in the Rain

Hi SoleMates,

It’s 5:00am and you just got up to head out for your morning run. You get dressed, look outside, and realize it’s pouring down rain. What do you do?

1)      Postpone your run – if you don’t like the idea of running in mud puddles, check your schedule to see if there’s another time that day (when it might be drier) that you can run

2)      Hit the treadmill – I know, I know, I’m not a huge fan of the treadmill either, but sometimes weather conditions make it so it’s not advisable to run outdoors.

3)      Pull out your raingear – rain is usually not a deterrent for me. I’d rather run in the rain than on a treadmill (unless it’s rainy and cold or rainy and windy and then I might reconsider). I ran my first marathon in the pouring down rain. You know what got me through it? Sheer determination and an awesome rain jacket. There are enough crazy people out there like me that if you google running rain gear, you’ll get a ton of hits! Bottom line: you should be able to get a decent rain jacket for around $50. You can always spend more for more bells and whistles, but I got mine years ago for $35 on sale and it’s served me well.

Here are some other great ideas and tips on what to wear:


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