Rumor Has It…

gossipYou know that song by Adele: Rumor Has It? While the song has a catchy tune and it’s one of my favorites, it’s also a great example of why you shouldn’t gossip. In the song poor Adele ends up breaking up with her boyfriend because of all of the rumors she’s heard about him. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather find out from the person themselves what was true than to rely on what I’ve heard from gossips.

But that won’t stop people from telling you things that may not be true. Your job is to make sure the gossip train stops with you. When you hear gossip change the subject, tell the person you don’t like to gossip, and make sure not to spread any rumors that you hear. Otherwise, you might end up like poor Adele in the song.

While it might be fun when played as the Telephone game like we did in practice, when it happens in real life, it’s very easy for someone’s feelings to get hurt. And we don’t want that!

For more information about gossip and how to stop it, check out these cool websites:

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