Highlands Elementary – Fall 2013, Week 5

After a whole week of having to stay inside for practice (because of the weather), the Highlands girls and coaches jumped for joy at being able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine for lesson 11.

Although it was a short week for us, as we only had practice on Tuesday, lesson 11 proved to be a success. Lesson 11 dealt with standing up to peer pressure. The girls were enthusiastic about the Getting on Board activity, which was coming up with situations and examples of peer pressure. We even had one group of girls put together a skit on how to deal with peers pressuring one another to watch a PG-13 movie.

The girls were ecstatic to get to run outside so everyone did a fantastic job of pacing themselves and finishing the workout. The writing on their arms the secret message of: “I know what is best for me” was well received. We even added some exclamation points (!) for the girls who finished quickly. As the girls were finishing up they cheered one another on until the end.

Below are pictures from our Girls on the Run Spirit Day. Everyone dressed silly and had fun!  May every site have more fun and silly moments during the remainder of our season.

Happy Running!



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