Seven Oaks Elementary – Fall 2013, Week 4


Run Run Run – our girls are on fire!  We just completed our first practice 5k during our regular meeting time and am happy to report that just about every girl completed 3 miles!  And many of the girls went over!  

We have been having a great time getting to know the girls and have truly been impressed with their desire to run.  Most days we find ourselves having to pull them off the track so we can give Spirit Awards out!

We are working on coming up with ideas for our community service project and are trying to bounce back from a disappointing reply from the principal on our first idea – a Halloween Candy buy-back program.  But, we haven’t given up yet – defeat doesn’t seem to be in our vocabulary!

We are both first time coaches at Seven Oaks and find ourselves in such a great place – this has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us.  We have received MANY emails from parents letting us know how much they appreciate what we are doing, letting us know what a positive impact we are having on their girls, and just how much their girls are enjoying themselves and putting the lessons to work in their daily life and interaction with family.

Above is a picture from our practice today.  Missing are two team members, Anna and JuJu – our girls were quick to include them by writing their names on their arms (look closely and you might see them!).

Too, our girls wished Coach Gretchen luck in her upcoming marathon – what a great example for the team!

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