9 Reasons You Should Volunteer

Hi Girls,

Now that we’re nearing the end of our season, it’s time to turn the focus from the 5K to giving back to our community. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Did you know that your coaches and running buddies are volunteers? That all of your snacks were sorted by volunteers? That your t-shirt was given to you by a volunteer? That everyone who helped you run your big race was a volunteer? Yep. If there were no volunteers, Girls on Run wouldn’t exist. And that would be a shame.

You see, it takes people who are passionate about making a difference to make the world go round. When people donate time, energy, food, and their resources to help others it helps all of us get more accomplished.

Here are 9 reasons to volunteer

V – Volunteering reinforces your Values

O – Volunteering helps you stay Organized, be active, and more healthy

L – Volunteering helps you Learn new skills

U – Volunteering lets you Use your mind, body, and creativity

N – Volunteering makes you feel that you are Needed and important and its Necessary to organizations like Girls on the Run!

T – Volunteering lets you Try out new things

E – Volunteering is Exciting and fun

E – Volunteering lets you explore what you want to do with your life

R – Volunteering helps you Relieve stress

For more information about volunteering and ideas for things you can to do make a difference, go to:



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