Great Running Snack that Doubles as a Dessert!

Hi SoleMates,

Let me introduce you to my Date and Nut Delight.

Here goes:

1 cup raw, pitted dates

1 cup nuts of your choice (I like walnuts in mine)

.5 cup cocoa nibs

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend. Form into balls or bars. Store in the fridge until you head out for your run.

Why do I love this little snack?

1)      It contains nuts and we’ve already discussed the benefits of those. Plus, they give you some protein and sustained energy for the longer runs.

2)      Date sugar is the healthiest sweetener on the planet, so if you’re going to indulge your sweet tooth, it might as well be with something that’s actually good for you. Plus, as a fruit sugar, it provides almost instantaneous energy and are easy to digest.

3)      It contains cocoa nibs, another “Superfood”, known to help increase your serotonin level (your feel good hormone)

4) It’s yummy!



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