Volunteer Opportunities for You and Your Family

This week in GOTR we’re talking about the importance of volunteering. As nearly everyone involved in GOTR is a volunteer, we think it’s important for girls to learn to give back to their community.

While we are having the girls do something for the community during practice this week, we want them to know how important volunteering is year-round, but especially during the holidays.

Looking for a place to volunteer? These 4 websites are great sources for on-going volunteer opportunities.

1)      Boise Weekly – http://www.boiseweekly.com/gyrobase/EventSearch?eventSection=942616&eventCategory=942645

2)      http://www.volunteermatch.org/search?l=Boise%2C+ID%2C+USA

3)      http://parks.cityofboise.org/volunteers/

4)      http://www.serveidaho.gov/Volunteer.aspx

Even better – why don’t you become a SoleMate and raise money for GOTR scholarships while we teach YOU how to run or walk a race?


For more information on talking to your kids about volunteering, go to:






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