White Pine Elementary – Fall 2013, Week 9

We are LOVING the beautiful weather and our time together running at White Pine.  This is our first season with GOTR and we cannot get enough of the girl time together and positive lessons. 

Lesson 13’s focus was on stopping gossip.  We played telephone and realized just how easily news travels incorrectly.   We also practiced stopping gossip; the girls were great about confidently telling their partners that the information being shared was not our information to share and that we should stop talking about it; we stopped, breathed, listened, and then responded.  The girls had this down! Our favorite activity this week was the scavenger hunt.  We have become great runners and sometimes don’t even realize we are running or exercising because of the fun activities included. Today we partnered up with team mates and completed the scavenger hunt together.  We loved thebreak from our laps and enjoyed getting our bodies moving with such a fun game. 

White Pine GOTR’s daily favorite activity is giving Energy Awards.  The girls love looking for an encouraging friend to nominate for the award and we have two favorite energy awards that are loudly presented each practice: Banana Split and Pop the Corn!

GOTR Group GOTR Scavenger Hunt

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