How to Keep Your GOTR Girl a GOTR Girl

We’ve been privileged to have your daughter with us this season and we’d love to have her back in the Spring. But we need your help.

We want to make sure that your daughter remembers what it means to be a GOTR girl. So between now and March, please help her remember to:

1)      Keep moving – run, walk, ski, hop – we don’t care, just as long as she stays active

2)      Not lose touch with her teammates – your daughter made some wonderful friends this season. Encourage her to send them a Holiday card or have them over for a play date.

3)      Stands up for what she believes in – in GOTR she learned to Stop, Breathe, and Listen before she Responds to someone who is doing something she doesn’t like. Remind her of her values. J

4)      Keep giving back – See last week’s post for some ideas.

5)      Be okay with who she is – Your daughter is perfect just the way she is (and so are you, by the way!) – never let her (or yourself) forget that.


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