So You Want to be a Runner…

indexThat was me in grad school. My dad had been an avid runner when I was a child and I decided if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me. So I purchased a cheap treadmill, cheap running shoes and took off!
Well… not quite. Take it from me. Here are some great tips to work your way toward becoming a runner:
1) Make sure you’re in good health. Talk to your doctor about adding running to your exercise program.
2) Start walking. Opinions differ on this one, but I feel that unless you are comfortable walking for at least 15-20 minutes, preferably 30, you shouldn’t start running. Your joints, tendons and ligaments need to ease into any type of new movement.
3) Learn proper running form. Running has a bad rap as a high injury sport. But that is usually do to one of two things: 1) doing too much too soon on untrained legs, and 2) poor running form. You may hire a running coach, talk to the folks at one of the running shops in town, or read a book on running form (I like Chi Running).
4) Start slow. If you’ve never run before, 1/10 of a mile may be overdoing it. Start slow, watch your form, and listen to your body. You don’t want to get derailed by an injury before you’ve really even started.
5) Get the right footwear. Yes, you can run in any old shoe, but if you want to prevent injury, I suggest getting fitted by a professional. Click here for more on how to pick a running shoe.
After you’ve gone for your first (or 1000th) run, hop on over to the FB page and let us know all about it!

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