The Big Day is Almost Here!: Race Day Prep

Picture1Hi Parents,
We’re about a month into season and you know what that means… race day (and the practice 5 K) is just around the corner. What can you do in the days leading up to the big race to make sure your daughter is prepared?
• Make sure she drinks plenty of water the day before the race, during the race, and after the race. Make sure she takes her water bottle with her!
• Make sure she gets plenty of carbs during dinner the night before the race.
• Have her eat her usual breakfast the morning of the race. Race day is not the day to alter nutrition habits.
• Make sure she’s dressed appropriately for race day weather.
• Once the race is over, she may be tempted to sit down. Keep her walking around for at least 10 minutes after the race. This is a good time to help her stretch out her muscles.
• Make sure she eats a good idea to eat a snack after the race, too. She’s going to need it!
• Make it a special day for her. She’s trained long and hard for this. Let her have fun and feel awesome. This is an amazing accomplishment!

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