Roosevelt Elementary, Spring 2014

Roosevelt Elementary, Spring 2014

GOTR Coach: What do you think it means to be comfortable in your own skin?

“You don’t really think you’re like too fat or too skinny, you just like who you are! You don’t feel like you need to change.”

“Being comfortable in your own skin is like you don’t think that you need to be anybody else. You want to be yourself, you don’t want to be people you see in magazines, you just want to be yourself.”

GOTR Coach: What are some things you like about yourself?

“I’m nice.”

“I’m fun and playful.”

“I’m very smart!”

“I’m unique.”

GOTR Coach: What’s something you like about your appearance?

Girl on the Run: So, like something you like about yourself on the outside?

GOTR Coach: Yes!

Girl on the Run: Okay, I love my blue eyes!

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