In Celebration of Our Volunteers

The end of the season is almost here, and you know what that means? The GOTR 5-K, yes, but also it’s time for our community project.

GOTR is primarily a volunteer-based organization. The board of directors, research staff, and all coaches are volunteers. So we think it’s important to teach our girls just what it means to give back to the community.

In one of the last weeks of GOTR, your daughter will be doing a community-based project as part of her giving back as a GOTR girl. At my site, in the past, we’ve collected clothes for GoodWill, made cards for the elderly, and made thank you gifts for our SoleMates.

As Spring turns into Summer and school gets out, we’d love your help and support in continuing to make sure your daughter gives back to the community. Here are some sites that list volunteer opportunities the whole family can get involved in the Treasure Valley:




Need more ideas? Check out these great websites!

Click to access volunteer_guide.pdf

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