Hidden Springs Elementary, Spring 2014

Hidden Springs Elementary, Spring 2014 

We have had a wonderful season and the girls have had so much fun. I am overjoyed with the outcomes of each practice and how far they have come in their running and inner beauty. The girls have become such supporters of each other and made new friends along the way. I also have enjoyed working with all of our volunteer coaches and it is so special that two of our volunteers don’t even have daughters on the team. They just wanted to help!!! We had a very successful practice 5K that I thought made the girls feel so strong and ready for the HORNET run. I had the parents volunteer and sign up to be at every .20 of the run. They were asked to do something or give the girls a little something. There was music, funny head bands, stamps, stickers, pom poms and at the end of the race is where the girls got there polka dot scarves that they wore during the HORNET Run. 


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