Peregrine Elementary, Spring 2014

Peregrine Elementary, Spring 2014

This spring season was the first time GOTR has been offered at Peregrine Elementary. As a veteran coach, I was excited for a new location, but also nervous about the turn out we would have. Luckily, we ended up with nine lovely ladies who have stayed committed. I also have the pleasure of a friend and rookie coach and an awesome running buddy, both whom have been such a huge help to me. We have had some great contributions to discussions, seen some new friendships develop, and had our share of laughs along the way.

On the topic of humor, I have to share a story. One day we were forced inside the gym due to rain. We had to alter our workout session to running back and forth across the gym and other exercises. The girls had fun, but we did work them pretty hard. During the wrap up, we talked to them about the importance of stretching to prevent the build up of lactic acid. The next day a teacher told me of this conversation:

5thgrade girl: “I really need to go talk to Ms. Porter. She told us about this liquid that gets in your legs when you run.”

Teacher:“You mean lactic acid?”

5thgrade girl: “Yeah that’s it! My legs hurt really bad and I need her to fix it!”

Teacher:“No sweetie, that’s a good thing. That means you’re working muscles that you never have before.”

We had a pretty good laugh about that one and it will probably be one of those stories I remember for a long time.

We recently did our practice 5k and I was so proud of these girls. We had one girls absent, but other than that, all but one girl finished within our allotted time. We made the day really fun with prizes at each mile, music, and special treats. I really hope these girls are getting excited for the real 5k and that they are taking some valuable lessons from their time with GOTR. It doesn’t matter the season, or the group of girls, but I love every time I’ve been a coach.


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