Lessons Learned on a Summer Run

A quick jaunt into the foothills today turned into an hour and a half hot mess. Why? I broke these three cardinal rules of running:

  • Always know where you’re going – I’d run Polecat Loop before – once, two years ago. My memory for the trail conditions and length were way off.
  • Take water – I know, I know; but I only planned on running for half an hour and even though it was 10:00am, I thought I’d be fine. Big mistake.
  • Take a trail map – the beautiful thing about the Boise foothills is that they have interactive trail maps on-line. I had my phone, so hey presto! Unless…you have no service. Sometimes packing the paper map is worth it.

Spontaneous runs can be a lot of fun if you’re smart about it. I wasn’t. All is well. I’ll live, but it could have been a lot worse. So lesson learned: like the boys scouts, always be prepared and you’ll have a great run – almost – every time!

Happy running!


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