Seven Oaks!

Here is an update from our year round school, Seven Oaks Elementary!

Things are happening at Seven Oaks!   This season we have lots of new faces..  Many of our girls from last year moved onto middle school and we find ourselves overrun with 3rd graders!  Too, I have been joined this season by Coach Didi whose daughter participated in both of our previous sessions.  She’s a natural! 

We have enjoyed the first 4 lessons and are impressed with how the girls are responding to the new curriculum.  Our returning girls often recognize similarities in the new activities to the old – which tells me the message is sinking in.

We are looking forward to the YMCA Halloween Run and are impressed with the goals the girls set for themselves each practice in preparation for their 5K.  It’s not unusual for some girls to get 2 miles in each time!  We brought back the headband idea from last Spring and each time a girls completes a mile she gets a ribbon to tie on her headband.  The idea is to get lots of ribbons so that their headbands really stand out and unify us as a team at the 5K.    

We did have a bit of trouble getting into a groove with the identity cards but think we have it figured out now and the girls are adding to them at the end of each session.  Too we have no shortage of fun Energy Award cheers taking place – the girls love trying new ones and Coach Didi is especially good at embarrassing her daughter and demonstrating new ones for the group – Love it!


Coach Jen

Coach Didi

Happy Running!

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