Goal Setting!

Hi girls!

How was your week?? Mine was long but great!! I wanted to talk today about goals! Goal setting is important in all parts of life!! It is great to have short term goals (tomorrow I will drink 2 water bottles full of water) and it is great to have long term goals (I will run a 5k at the end of the GOTR season!) I recently made a goal to run a 5.2 mile race with my friend! This past weekend we ran in a mud run called the Tater dash! We ran in gross mud puddles and slid down dirt hills into a mud pool! It was awesome but I needed to shower so badly after!! I was not a very good runner until I became an intern for GOTR and now I have tried to continue running. Now that I’ve completed my first race I am really excited to make a new goal of running even further at a faster pace!

What are some of your goals?

Running goals? School goals? Family goals?

Have a great week and happy running!

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